Sometimes without realizing, you've forgotten the most special dates in your life, it hurts you so deeply, you'll never want to forget again!

Now with the reminder service of The Flower Shop, you can leave your worries behind by just subscribing your important dates to us, we will make remembering comes easy. Never forget your Mother's birthday, wedding anniversary or any other special occasion ever again. Sign up to our free reminder service and we'll send you an email in advance of all your special diary dates.

We will remind you in advanced via E-mail that your loved one's Birthday is near, Wedding Anniversary or that an important occasion is around the corner. You will receive an E-mail from us for the occasion/s and the details you submitted. To be reminded of more than one occasion, just send in multiple entries. Just fill in the form below to be reminded of all those special occasions! You can also see a list of any reminders you may have pending.

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